The Garrick UT-G01 Calibre Watch Movement

Garrick has now entered a new era in watchmaking with the introduction of a new and exclusive hand-wound movement designed by legendary movement specialist Andreas Strehler.

The UT-G01 movement was designed in partnership with eminent watchmaker, Andreas Strehler and his company Uhr Teil AG. While some movement components are crafted by Uhr Teil AG, other parts are made in Garrick’s own workshop in Norfolk. The design of the movement, with its prominent balance bridge, is intended to look stereotypically British. Furthermore, the movement is assembled, finished and regulated in the brand’s own British workshop.

The hand-wound movement is frosted and polished by hand, typical of high-end watchmaking, and features the brands own Trinity balance. The rim of the balance wheel on this timepiece is made of a patented metal alloy called Sircumet which is employed for the first time within a wristwatch.

The UT-G01 calibre is used exclusively in the new Portsmouth timepiece.