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Born out of a desire to create fine timepieces with a distinctly British character, British watch brand Garrick, produce watches infused with high-quality finishing and delightful details designed to appeal to the cognoscenti. These are timepieces for purists, featuring no-compromise construction and created with a palpable sense of honesty.


Founded by David Brailsford, British watch brand, Garrick, manufacture fine watches in their own dedicated facility in Norfolk. Garrick craft fine timepieces intended to appeal to horological aficionados and watchmakers alike.

Great Britain has an illustrious horological history and is famous for many innovations in this field, several of which continue to be used today. Luminaries of horology include Harrison, Mudge and, more recently, the late George Daniels. Garrick is keen to be part of this great tradition, creating truly unique British timepieces with a touch of modern flair.



Built in Britain

The company’s modern facility allows it to craft much of its timepieces in-house. However, when components have to be sourced externally, the company draws on the expertise of British artisans and craftsmen whenever possible, despite these parts sometimes costing more than items from overseas.

Nevertheless, frankness has always been an intrinsic part of the Garrick paradigm and the provenance of its watches is something the company takes very seriously. Garrick uses existing vintage Swiss calibres as the basis for its movements on it’s early models. The main plate, gear train, spring barrel, balance spring and mainspring all come from a Swiss base movement. The talented craftsmen at the Garrick atelier modify and expertly finish these components. In some instances, parts are produced in-house or sourced locally, enhancing the specification and imbuing the timepieces with a decidedly British character.


In-house movement

Garrick has now entered a new era in watchmaking with the introduction of their new and exclusive hand-wound movement, the UT-G01 – designed by legendary movement specialist Andreas Strehler.

The design of the movement, with its prominent balance bridge, is intended to look stereotypically British and is assembled, finished and regulated in Garrick’s own British workshop.

The hand-wound movement is frosted and polished by hand, typical of high-end watchmaking, and features Garrick’s own Trinity balance.

The team of watchmakers at Garrick, craft fine timepieces that watchmakers and horological aficionados can truly appreciate. Garrick movements feature the brand’s own open bridges, expertly finished by time-served watchmakers with hand bevelled edges and thermally blued screws.


In the media:

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Garrick also offers a fully bespoke service where clients can express their own character, specifying design details which are important to them.

Despite being a haven of traditional watchmaking expertise, the company continues to explore new designs, complications and innovations. Garrick’s remarkable success has seen the company expand and it plans to announce further new models in the coming months. Moreover, the development of Garrick’s own in-house movement has taken the brand to a higher level of excellence and has secured Garrick’s future.

The desire to produce fine watches which celebrate British watchmaking is something close to the heart of David Brailsford. It is born out of an innate need to patriotically champion home-grown talent and create a new chapter in British watchmaking history. This isn’t marketing hyperbole, but the understandable patriotic motivation of a team who wish to write their own chapter in Britain’s horological annals.


There is a particular breed of man to whom the understated is worth more than the extravagant. Discretion and restraint are worth more to him than diamonds and gold, his quiet, self-assured air speaking far louder than any amount of either. When he enters the room, his presence, not the wealth he wears, demands attention. He is the Garrick Man.

Style over fashion, excellence over expense, handcrafted individuality over the prestige of a name – these are the tenets of the Garrick man. Rather than following trends, he strikes out on his own and while he would be vulgar enough to call himself a trailblazer, he is self-assured in his independence. He knows that no matter where in the world his travels take him, he will be unique.

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