The Garrick Man


There is a particular breed of man to whom the understated is worth more than the extravagant. Discretion and restraint are worth more to him than diamonds and gold, his quiet, self-assured air speaking far louder than any amount of either. When he enters the room, his presence, not the wealth he wears, demands attention. He is the Garrick Man.

Style over fashion, excellence over expense, handcrafted individuality over the prestige of a name – these are the tenets of the Garrick man. Rather than following trends, he strikes out on his own and while he would be vulgar enough to call himself a trailblazer, he is self-assured in his independence. He knows that no matter where in the world his travels take him, he will be unique.

The Garrick man appreciates that luxury is more than the sum of its parts. A vintage car is more than the weight of its metal, a Savile Row suit more than its stitching and cloth. He knows that true luxury is an expression of artisan perfection.

Like a fine whisky aging in its barrel, it takes time and patience to create something exceptional. The Garrick Man is content to wait and anticipate, never rushing to crack the cask or open the box. He knows that quality cannot be rushed and savours the knowledge that, when his whisky, suit, car or watch is ready, it’s because it is the best it will ever be.

To him, handmade means just that – honest, genuine craftsmanship whose appearances are truthful, not deceiving. He appreciates every slight nuance that only comes from artisan skill. He knows that the person behind these creations has spent years honing their skills, committing themselves to their craft. More than that, he shares the passion and dedication that goes into each intricate movement, subtly designed case and flawlessly polished dial of a Garrick timepiece.