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The Portsmouth watch handmade in England by Garrick

After the incredible success of the maritime-themed Norfolk, Garrick has once again partnered with esteemed freelance designer.



The Regulator watch made in England by Garrick watchmakers

Regulators have been used for generations as reference clocks for setting other clocks or watches. Typically the minute


The Norfolk

The Norfolk timepiece handmade in England by Garrick watchmakers

Wishing to celebrate Great Britain’s rich maritime history, the Norfolk timepiece exhibits a traditional aesthetic


Bespoke Watches By Garrick

Many individuals choose to express their own unique character with tailor-made clothes, shoes and jewellery. Garrick believes this flexibility should extend to the world of fine watchmaking.

Garrick Bespoke remains a surprisingly accessible means to the elevated world of horological personalisation with prices starting from as little as £500 for an alteration to an existing model.
We recognise that individuals prefer to be, well, individual. Being forced to conform to the mainstream is at odds with the culture practised at Garrick.

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