The handmade Norfolk timepiece
The Norfolk watch handcrafted in England by Garrick watchmakers


  • USD: $2,797
  • EUR: €2,380
  • CHF: CHF2,770

Inspired by maritime instruments.


Wishing to celebrate Great Britain’s rich maritime history, the Norfolk timepiece exhibits a traditional aesthetic, imbued with flourishes of individualistic detail. The brainchild of esteemed freelance designer, Michael Holbeck, it harnesses many exquisite elements intended to appeal to purists.

The large nameplate is a key feature of the Norfolk and is inspired by old instruments which proudly displayed the makers name on a steel or brass plate.

The grand feu enamel dial is made entirely in-house using traditional methods. First, the dials are turned from silver and an enamel coating is applied to the front and back of the dial to prevent warping.

The fired enamel dial is paired with Garrick’s unique ‘Maritime hands’. The hour and minute hands, with their anchor-like profiles, are produced in-house and thermally blued, in keeping with fine watchmaking tradition.

Housed within a 42mm case (manufactured locally and finished in-house), the hand-wound Unitas 6497 movement is finished to Garrick’s exacting standards.

Please note: Our dials are enamelled by hand using traditional methods and may contain tiny imperfections only visible through a loupe.

Two versions are available to purchase:

Norfolk featuring a flat engraved solid case-back.

Norfolk featuring an exhibition case-back and engraved movement.

Price £2,100 ex vat (outside the EU) and £2,520 inc vat (inside the EU) with solid case-back.

Price £2,495 ex vat (outside the EU) and £2,995 in vat (inside the EU) with exhibition case-back and engraved movement

Please note: Final batch now being assembled.

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