How To Purchase

Garrick – the purchasing process

Garrick believe each timepiece is special. A watch created at Garrick is the very antithesis of mass-production, with each stage of creation carefully undertaken by time-served hands. Every timepiece is hand assembled and finished in-house by the company’s team of expert watchmakers.

It is only fitting that the ordering process should match these high standards of production, making the purchase of a Garrick timepiece, a memorable experience.

Shortly after registering interest in purchasing a Garrick timepiece, the customer will be contacted by their very own Garrick personal assistant and their order will be confirmed, together with discussion of any additional personalisation desired.

Indeed, many individuals choose to express their own unique character with tailor-made clothes, shoes and jewellery. Garrick believe this flexibility should extend to the world of fine watchmaking. Garrick is able to design and build unique timepieces, produced to the precise requirements of a discerning client. A different strap, alternative dial colour, a personal motif or initials being added to the dial are all available on request.

Customers can order online or by phone. Those clients seeking a customised watch will be required to pay a deposit at the time of ordering, after which a Garrick personal assistant will discuss the requirements in detail and provide a delivery date.

Garrick believe the purchase of a watch is a significant moment in the life of a client and the service delivered should befit this. Upon completion, Garrick will arrange direct delivery of the timepiece. Alternatively, similar to collecting a prestigious car from the factory in which is was produced, the Garrick client can visit the company’s workshop and collect their new timepiece in person.

The total price for the Shaftesbury sm301 is £3995 (gbp sterling) excluding any customisation options.